The True Story behind Bitcoin Pizza Day


Here’s what Satoshi wrote to the man responsible for Pizza Day, Laszlo Hanecz — a r/bitcoin exclusive from “Digital Gold”

Digital Gold by Nathaniel Popper

Good Morning Bitcoins

I’m Mad Bitcoins

and this is… The True Story behind Bitcoin Pizza…


  1. Hey Mr. MadBitcoins, a little suggestion. If you're going to promote a book on Amazon, you may as well use an affiliate link. Your audience trusts you and knows you're making recommendations that you believe in, so why not make a little profit from it? Have a good one

  2. That was really interesting. I never knew that. Imagine what would happen if Satoshi posted a email or any form of communication stating his thoughts on how Bitcoin has developed.   Loved the end.

  3. Thanks for pointing out bitcoin Pizza Day. I wold have missed it.
    Yeah, the centralized mining pools would probably have turned him off too.
    Kind of sad the way the energy of the bitcoin community has been circling the drain, along with the bitcoin price. The transaction rate is pretty stable though so it seems that people are still continuing to use the currency. The bitcoin price also seems to have bottomed (finally!!!). 2014 has been a LONG year, watching the price drop and drop like this has been painful. I stopped buying several months ago, right when the price bottomed, LOL. I'm going to wait a month or two more before I start buying again (probably 500 dollars worth a month along with 500 into silver) Silver is rock solid and goes up in price during scary economic times and as soon as we get another cyprus style bail-in, we'll probably see renewed interest in bitcoins and a recovery in it's price. The value of a currency that's resistant to government theft increases when government theft becomes more obvious to the public.

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