The Bitcoin News Show #117 – 18 million coins, Free Speech Money, Altcoins are pennystocks

The Bitcoin News Show for the week of Oct 14th with your host @theonevortex and panelists: @GabrielDVine

Quick bits:

The word “satoshi” has officially entered the Oxford English Dictionary

The Lightning Confernce in Berlin is going on right now

IRS Releases Tax (Mis)Guidance on Hard Forks and…


  1. It would be good if you dedicated a show or a significant segment on the IRS's treatment of hardforks. Many in the community are very freaked out and worried over this. Who knows what the IRS will ultimately do? Do you have special information of what rumblings within the IRS there are on this issue? It's pretty clear — except to tax attorney's that have taken the most conservative position possible on this issue and probably are the ones that the IRS consulted before putting out this revenue ruling — that this revenue ruling is completely over the top.

  2. Highly educational and highly sane! Differentiation is important! Also, please understand, we have to educate people and the key to that is the definitions of the terminology we use. We need to encourage people to look up the words pertaining to bitcoin and understand them. If you don't know the words, you can't sing the song! And also we need to define the words we use while we are trying to communicate the concepts of this technology. Be careful not to use terminology that your audience might not understand without defining the words you are using. People go blank when they encounter words they don't understand.

  3. In medieval times, value was acquired by treating land. Land was the asset that rich people escaped to when Rome and its currency fell.

    I think XXI cybermedieval times will be just as Gabe stated, but with a new kind of serfdom. Now not land, but people's bodies will be used to generate value as pets, gladiators or "skins" (from Altered Carbon series, rich people will rent and command poor people's bodies).

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