Ripple to Partner With Federal Reserve for FedNow? XRP

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  1. If the FED had approved xrp it would have been the kiss of death to the coin as an international currency. It would have just recreated the evil that is SWIFT and indicated that it would be possible to use xrp as a tool in sanctioning other countries. Which would mean that Ripple had been deceiving us about many of xrp's qualities. I'm very glad that the FED reacted them. It's a weight off my conscience and I'm going to buy more.

  2. I'm starting to think that the XRP we buy will never go up that much. I've heard that all of Ripple's partners have to buy and sell XRP off their OTC exchange. If this is true they could set the price at whatever they need it to be and we would never know so if it needs to be $1000 for liquidity they could do that and the general public would never know, if they have their own separate private exchange, it's like an XRP commercial token. Am I nuts or is this possible. Like I have said before they don't want to make a bunch of normal people extremely rich.

  3. So if the government is making Basically the same platform as ripple has to move bank payments nationally and cheaper and faster does that mean ripple will eventually become obsolete therefore keeping xrp at a lower value?

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