Ripple Defends Itself, Compares XRP to BTC

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  1. Well despite the ripple dump it’s still holding at .25 and I see a good opportunity for the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020. If btc hits 20,000 I can see ripple at 1 to 1.5. If anyone bought under .60 you will make a profit

  2. Someone explain: "Although the firm was unable to share data specific to xCurrent with Cointelegraph, Ripple claimed that participants saw more than a 40% saving in comparison to xRapid, which has a payment processing time of around two minutes."

  3. We the XRP community, instead of dreaming outlandish $1000 prices, must face reality & take concrete, effective steps to persuade/petition the founders to do great humanitarian work for best Karma, the truth is they 'printed' near 100bil XRP (BTC has only 17mil) & profited substantially. We Holders suffer the glut.

  4. TRUE STORY. TRANSFER MONEY TO ROBINHOOD. Instant withdrawal from my debit card. I Withdrawal money from ROBINHOOD to my bank account. I have to wait three business day to see my funds. I look at the email and said. XRP take my pain away. I can’t wait for XRP is even in my cereal 🥣 🤦🏽‍♂️😂

  5. A Ripple by any other name is still a Ripple. The name Ripple itself has a name that goes back to the days of a group of fine wines. Ripple, Mad dog 20/20 and what's the word? Therderbird! What's the price 50 twice!! A buck invested in a bottle of Ripple wine 30 years ago, if you didn't drink it(LOL) would be worth $100.00 today. Such fun!

  6. I don't usually comment on any video but this has become nonsense. The worst part is when people insult (no in this channel, this guy is pretty positive but I don't agree in any of his ideas) like in other channels like Kevin Cage, Alex Cobb, DAI, etc…
    I hope people think twice before invest in something that, at the moment, is clearly the worst performance by far.

  7. XRP community is desperate that despite the terrible performance they just pick news from nowhere to say 'It's the greatest digital asset ever". Now they start talking bad about BTC…. This has to be a joke. I think is a HUGE different between new people that start "investing for the first time and Traders/Investors in the space that have being here for a while.
    Your coin is this, no no mine is better, no no mine is to Level the playing field!

    Ripple = Amazing company
    XRP = Taking the $ from retail investors to provide liquidity ( Ripple and Big institutions get the benefits NOT the common people ) Remember what Brad Garlinghouse said when Facebook announce Libra? We have had the best week in Ripple! XRP price… Nothing, no movement, then drop. Moneygram stock price UP! XRP price… Drop.
    But nevermind, maybe one day we will see a better XRP performance. Keep filling up your bags! God almighty!

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