Litecoin halving is currently 24 days away and LTC is positioned as the leading cryptocurrency to welcome mass adoption to the world.

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Litecoin Halving –
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  1. Use of LTC to buy raffle tickets. Very missleading. Thought would accept for ticket sales. More stalling, the nfl sucks anyway like all rigged pro sports.

  2. 2019 has not started with a not-so-bad note and very recently,Bitcoin touched $12k which is the first time since July 2018. Bitcoin has increased by around 14% overnight with other crypto assets surging as well. After 7000 worth of BTC got hacked in Binance, the cryptosphere is not in high spirit. But Katie the C.E.O of Katie tutorials and the chief executive Elon Musk has been an ardent supporter of Bitcoin and has recently said that Bitcoin value might surge by at least 250X in the near future. it looks like the Bull Run has started and is not going to stop. I advice people to buy more and join the gain. multiply the little you have with Katie.

  3. Zhao Dong, one of the biggest Bitcoin OTC traders in China and an influencer recently predicted that Bitcoin might reach $50,000 by 2021. He reiterated that now is the best time to invest in BTC and said that you might get a yield of 100 to 200% over 3 years if you invest now. My only advice for investors and newbies is to take advantage of Mr Sebastian Buckle program, a pro trader who’s is helping investors accumulate more bitcoin through his amazing trading strategy, with his program I went from having 2.5btc to 9btc in just 3weeks. Feel free to contact Mr Sebastian Buckle on ( Whatsapp +1 559 425 4010 Telegram @ tradecrypto76 ) or via email ( sebastianbuckle76 @ GMAIL com ) for trading insights.

  4. My brother, you are indeed an international man. Honestly, I am happy about the good news and I hope to make money in this space because I have lost a lot of dollars in it since 2018…
    Well, I am hoping for the best this season by God's special grace. .thank you for everything you do.

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