Know Your Crypto Resources: – Ethereum Block Explorer

Etherscan is an Ethereum Block Explorer. It is a great way to keep track of transactions on the network. It also has a lot of great information that can aid in researching a coin. Additionally, if you are holding coins that need to be entered as a custom token on MEW or Mycrypto, you can find the needed information on Etherscan.



  1. Hi crypto flower, I'd tried to see if I can find a contact info for Hextra and gold reward but the who is (is) not showing me any info to the public. If I come into some money, is there a way I can track them down? Who do I hire for something like this?

  2. Miss the chronicling of your crypto journey. You had an interesting ride and your videos have always been interesting to watch. The lending space has changed in a big way, so hits and misses are def out there right now. Hope you get back to lending vids again or other things maybe such as ICOs or alts you may suggest. There will always be naysayers and haters but who cares, this is your channel.

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