Did Jeb McCaleb from Stellar Just Dump 100M XRP?

A quick exploration of the ledger to look at the alleged 100M XRP “dumped” by Ripple.


  1. Hi Sam, very good content ! One question please: Ripple (the company) has about 500 employees (they all need a regular salary). How does the company earn money on a regular basis (monthly revenue)? What is the business model of the company (ripple labs inc)? Selling XRP coins?, Selling software (license, usage based)?, Commission on transactions ? ….

  2. Bitlord is a shit stiirrer Sam, its a form of Australian humour where the aim is to make a comment to get the biggest reaction possible by the most people and sit back and laugh at everyone who did'nt get the joke.

  3. Hi great stuff man. Your the best. I have a question.Can you make a video about where we stand right now .more or less like DNI manifesto.Where do you think or knowing where we are heading and more or less what we are up to,not speculation,only what you knowing,because you knowing more then you want to tell us. heheheh

  4. Just a note here…. If Jeb is selling 600,000 XRP per day, he'll be sold out in a little over 20 years. I expect that a few big new whales will come along and take out Jed's position. I think he'll be very happy to accommodate them, as he's wanting to purge, not maximize his dollars. Can we imagine what the price would be if Jeb completely stopped selling? Wow. Charley

  5. Bit lord is a troll lmao, he literally owns and shills XRP- claims he has owned some since sub penny-he just knows our community is very “troll-able” and easy to piss off-it’s for a laugh. But thanks for clearing up the FUD for the newbies who are easily confused or effected by this type of stuff

  6. If there is 4.563 billion still owed to Jeb and volume was to remain the same, and he is selling 700k per day, it would take him 6,518 days or 17.8 years to sell it all but the percentages do change a bit over time. I think they gave him way too much. No wonder he's not waiting for an increase in price. Great video again Sam, thank you.

  7. Sam you are the iron Man of xrp community !!! Your videos are super informative
    Iam holding my 1217xrp until it's get to the moon I don't care even if it's take 5 years in the end I know I will have lot of money 😀

  8. So in other words, he has years to dump. Ripple is trying to alleviate the pain by reducing OTC sales to institutions to aid the price. End result = level playing field/higher price for liquidity and mass adoption….

  9. DANG… forgot to say…. "I really appreciate you and your amazing genius. Best ever… THANK YOU." We should have a meet up at True Vine, Tyler, TX…. if there could be enough interest. Fantastic beer.

  10. Samiam,
    Seems that there is a logical explanation why XRP has stayed so low for so long and may continue to do so. It's not because of dumping… obviously. But it's so that Jeb's large multi billion stash can be sold at the lowest common denominator, leaving him with much less than if the price had mooned, making him one of the richest men in the universe. I think it's a personal struggle and will resolve itself when Jeb's billions are gone…. THEN MOON TIME. Just my very pitiful thoughts.

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