Closet Bitcoin Bull Peter Schiff – Weiss Clueless on Crypto Ratings

Guess who is a closet Bitcoin Bull? Let’s discuss!

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  1. There's actually a video on the internet with one of his friends who is a big Bitcoin advocate talking in an interview saying that he, Peter, owns a ton of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and is constantly calling him asking him for advice on where to put his money. Lol. He actually debated this guy publicly. And then shortly after this guy went public in threw him under the bus

  2. Got to agree. Most ratings agencies should be viewed with skepticism. I remember just before the 2008 banking crash all the ratings agencies had rated the banks AAA

  3. Omg I’m laughing so much … you BANNED me in chat for saying I love NRG and called me out … thanks George.. great guy … sorry again shilling a coin I have .. unlike others who shill coins, they don’t have !!

  4. I remember you talking so much shit about NRG .. but now a sponsorship changes everything .. glad you banned me in chat that time after I contributed and donated to this channel.. so wrong to shill a coin you have .. sorry

  5. Just changed all my positions. Ditched XRP, ADA, XLM and others to consolidate everything to btc during this drop to 11.2K. Currently holding BAT, WABI, RVN, LTC (will probs dump after the halving event), and BTC. 65% of that is LTC but plan to trade 1/2 of that to BTC from LTC asap.

  6. That's not true about Cardano. Charles gave an interview recently saying he wants to stay on the project but it's up to the community to vote and decide.

  7. I shorted and brought the dips made 12000 lost 3 thousand. Started with 2000.. Leverage is your best friend to trade the breakouts and dips and parabolic dropouts and retest and. Fibb extensions and levels. Leverage my freind gives you huge gains

  8. NRG Great project but awful discord and even worse moderators. Be warned! They run that discord like a dictatorship I will keep telling all now the project is great but the discord and moderators suck. If I knew how incredibly petty and discriminatory the moderators are I would have never recommended joining this discord (just look at the rules on the discord)…if they like the posts and or gifs/memes you post your solid otherwise be prepared for mutes and moderator harassment. Furthermore I had tokens on the discord that they recommend to keep on the discord to receive staking rewards that I have no way to access them now. I'am not alone many users of the discord or the telegram channel have had similar issues.

  9. Great video man, hope everyone smells the coffee and get off alts for btc. We are looking at 3-4 trillion btc market cap in the next yr and 85% BTC ratio. Which means alts will bleed. Still plenty to be made in btc. ?final call♤
    Ps I do like NRG but it's not on many exchanges which should be a flag for me.

  10. George, I respect your calls, but I truly believe the recent movement of BTC is related to the Fed Call by Powell. The question on whether they will lower rates or not was answered today. Whales who played that interest rate game with BTC, simply cashed in after a 17% up move by BTC and those who saw it drop today, were the ones who played it wrong and are now forced to sell at a loss. Fundamentally I do NOT see BTC going back to 13k any time soon, unless Deutsche Bank files. My 2 cents

  11. He is full of shit; I pointed this out in a video nearly a year ago. Recently he got outed for being a BTC hodler and was asking what a crypto vet thought about Monero. Propper c # n t

  12. There will be no "Alt coin season". Unless your favorite garbage coin is adopted worldwide on an enterprise level with actual use, it's going to zero. For example, when the banks announce XLM and XRP will be used for settlement, the price will skyrocket. Until then XRP and XLM will go nowhere. Coins like EOS, Tron, Cardano, Ethereum Classic, NEO, Tezos, Dash, Cosmos, NEM, Digibyte, Theta and on and on are all worthless junk going to zero. Crappy dapps count for zero. None of them have any chance of being adopted worldwide on an enterprise level. Wall Street is only adopting Bitcoin at the moment. IOTA, Ethereum, Ripple and Stellar will eventually make it since they're being implemented and adopted worldwide but it will take time.

  13. Schiff will forever go down in history as a complete dunce. Shame because he built a decent name for himself, but now at this later time in his life he will forever be remembered as "that gold guy who was a total ass because he didn't understand the transition of the money system into digital".

  14. Thanks for reviewing energi ??, great video highlighting some important parts of energi but really there is so much more. With 3.0 smart contracts coming gaining more adoption and also looking towards Energi X and Energi Gold plotted on the roadmap. Energi is the cryptocurrency to watch into the future things are looking super positive the community is great and the Energi Team is awesome ?

  15. High treasury, best stakes and masternode rewards, huge development team. It is no wonder many investors are finding NRG best coin to invest. I believe this is just a start.

  16. Really great video, showcasing the merit of NRG. We are on a great ride with the vision and dedication of the Energi team. Once Energi 3.0 comes out, I am sure we will know what it feels like to be on a rocket ship.
    Thanks NRG team

  17. Energi project is very interesting. This applies in particular to the treasury that enables a wide range of activities because it must not be forgotten that this project did not have ICO. Reading their roadmap, it is clear that we can expect a lot of surprises very soon like Energi 3.0 in Q4 2019. Really looking forward to see that big upgrade in motion. Energi have great team and big and loyal community behind their back. It's wonderful to see how the project is developing. Good luck Energi!

  18. I appreciate your videos! Thanks for highlighting $NRG. It is my favorite project! What you shared here is just a small part of why. I think all of crypto-land wants to see mass adoption, but Energi is actually taking the steps to make it happen. It will soon be impossible for the world to ignore what they are doing and the vision they have for the future.

  19. In 2017 it only took 3 weeks for BTC dominance to go from 57 percent to 33 percent,things can change fast for the alts and crypto. Smart money buys low. BTC has already 4x and litecoin 6x.

  20. I heard about two months ago that Peter was buying BTC behind-the-scenes. After a BTC debate in which his position was extremely negative re: BTC, he was heard backstage asking his opponent how much BTC he ( Peter ) should buy. I could see that his motivation for "talking-down" BTC, might have been a ploy to buy-in at the best possible price, much like institutional bear FUD that we've heard for so long. I believe we're starting to have the veil of secrecy removed. BTC will move up, higher highs, higher lows… different than before… healthier.

  21. Hi George… I think this whole rally is only a large rotation from Alt's to BTC… Really amazing how all the YouTubers who were the big Alt pumpers are Bitcoin maximalists now. All the arguments they gave for buying ADA, EOS, of XRP are forgotten as they all pile on the bandwagon. Are these platforms even stronger than before and expanding… I think this rally ends badly for all, including BTC

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