Bitcoin WAY Undervalued | Bitcoin BTC, Ripple XRP, Ethereum ETH News

Bitcoin WAY Undervalued | Bitcoin BTC, Ripple XRP, Ethereum ETH News

Bitcoin has witnessed triple-digit percentage gains over the past two months. Yet, one metric has turned quite bullish after the recent halving event, showing signs the cryptocurrency remains undervalued and still has room to run. 
The largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization is trading near $9,700 at press time, up 150% from its March 12 low of $3,867.
And while that may cause some investors to think the…


  1. Lovely analysis , you GUYS are among the few You-tubers /traders still keeping real since day I. Several analysts, like bitcoin ben, Tony vays, crypto Kirby, Crypto Savey, The moon and a few other traders like Lucas Pedro { owner of the’ #LTTA’ ‘’Dr-Lucas Telegram Trading academy } have been predicting that Bitcoin will undergo a staggering rally through its previous all-time high of 2O,OOO_usd.This will be the most brutal Bitcoiin Halviing in history. Productiion cost is about to double to I4,OOO_usd 7O% above the current price . Last halving, price was just IO% below Production cost, and Price & HR collapsed -2O %. Without FOMO now, expect a big miner capitulation. 3O %+… I've 'bartended' for the last 2O years and I am done with that industry and, now I’m trading crypto FULL Time. I took your opinion and this has been a very healthy choice for me which i don't regret Financially and otherwise. From just following his teachings and copying his trade patterns I have accumulated over 67_btc in 5months and 3wks and still making more amidst this Pandemic . If you ever need coaching, trading classes, or crypto related Knowledge or advice, Dr Lucas Pedro can be reached through whatsaap—+I {865}276_6999 ON Telegram___ @Lucas_Pedro } Love you 💛💜🧡 for sharing about him in the first place.

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