Bitcoin Is Working Perfectly As Global Economy Melts Down

Bitcoin shaping up to be the ultimate asset and working perfectly as planned while capital controls and other government tyranny takes over!



  1. 2nd The Moon post,
    Greg Schoen post,

    I wish I had kept my 1,700 BTC @ $0.06 instead of selling them at $0.30, now that they’re $8.00.
    # Bitcoin

    “ Don’t be a Greg”

  2. The Moon:
    In 2011 the goal was to get 1,000 Bitcoin.
    In 2013 the goal was to get 100 Bitcoin.
    In 2019 the goal is to get 1 Bitcoin.
    The goal in 2021 will be to get 0.1 Bitcoin.
    The goal in 2027 will be to get 0.01 Bitcoin.

    Stop looking back, look around at money printing, and forward.

  3. Hi lark, I have a doubt. This bull run if we hit 50k or 100k/ Bitcoin. Would there be a correction back to 10k or around that PRICE? or would it be a never ending run-up till the end of 2020,2021&2022? Thanks in advance, Lark.

  4. Crypto Lark!! You are in the zone. Another amazing video. Bitcoin is operating exactly as intended. It’s anti-fragile in a fragile world. I share your global perspective. Storm clouds are arriving. I hope we all get through this….

  5. dude. you are one of my top 3 crypto commentator/analysts – love your content and your style. keep up the great work bro’. and some day maybe, when my bitcoin ship arrives, I’ll be visiting NZ again – loved it in 1987/88. God Zone. peace.

  6. Based On Your Hypothesis, What Meaning Should We Consider When Bitcoin Melts Down To A Price Point Below $1,000..?

    Bitcoin cannot be stopped; however, it can become trapped which is precisely what has happened. The ultra-wealthy had an absolute level of control; and one night while enjoying dinner out Bitcoin became worthless when, in a flash of brilliance it was discovered that the majority of bitcoin became untouchable…by no fault of its own.

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