BITCOIN BULLISH OR BEARISH? John McAfee for POTUS? NIKE Uses Ethereum? Kronoverse, Enjin, Tomochain

Bitcoin price now at crossroads: Will it go bullish or bearish? Three crypto experts share the latest insights into what’s going to affect the bitcoin price over the next few months.

John McAfee the Composer. POTUS Candidate is Gearing Up for his Campaign. Nike Shoes and Ethereum? Why Not. Just a week ago Altcoin Buzz reported that McAfee has initiated his 2020 POTUS campaign. And the well-known crypto figure is working on it. In a new tweet, McAfee shows off his musical talent….


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  2. Let's forget about all charts for sec and I don't know how about you guys but for me this price cross road reminds me what happened in spring this year when price was bouncing around $4k.!!!

  3. McAfee. While one may disagree with how he decides to pursue his personal freedom, part of his message speaks to the bitcoin ethos: people should be free to choose what they use as money. Being forced to use a government’s currency is a violation of the most basic personal freedom. The degree to which one chooses to exercise that freedom is debatable and a moving societal target. But, few would argue with the notion that free people must have the freedom to choose what they use as money.

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