Bitcoin Brief – BTC in Turkey, IBM Blockchain, Bitmain’s IPO

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  2. I think 'Jockamo' is a bit upset that his country sold out and sold their national identity and joined the ailing and failing E.U and lost all self worth. Referring to Turkiye's national currency as a 'shitty' currency reflects more on his feelings of his own country losing their own national currency and admitting defeat by adopting the Euro.
    Turkiye is not a new country like the U.S. It has been around for over a millennia and will continue to be around for eons to come.
    Tone Vays talking shit to, as he always does. :Loves the sound of his own fake accent. Hey 'Tones' (such a 'cool' name bro) maybe Israel will lead the charge ey? LoL

  3. Some Tone Vays quotes from this video: " No big company will ever be able to rule anything"……… " The biggest companies from a hundred years ago barely exist today "
    WHAT ? hahahahah.
    Has Tone Vays ever heard of J.P.Morgan ( over a hundred years old and invented most banking strategies )
    Rockerfella ( over a hundred years old and developed the whole pharmaceutical industry )
    Rothschilds ( Over two hundred years old and Own fiat money)
    Tone Vays knows NOTHING !

  4. If you want to short btc in binance do you just put holdings into tether and wait for the drop? How much does tether charge, one to 3%? Thanks and if I am completely missing the mark on all of this please set me straight!

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  6. Tether boggles my mind. In bear markets Ponzis fail. Investors come running for their money and they realise nothing was actually backed. There're no dollars behind each Tether. Shouldn't this Bear market have exposed that?
    Also, if you argue "Therefore it isn't a Ponzi", you forget their market cap grew in this bear. Do you want to tell me as people are fleeing the market, Tether is seeing more demand and investment? How? From where? Who's this buying Tether?

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  8. Tone vays seems so arrogant, he talks about his personal business as if most people would care, get to the fucking btc news everything else is insignificant just as this opinion as well as your flight.

  9. Time stamps is a great idea. So much news even tho tone says news has no influence on BTC price unless it’s bad news lol for real tho most people just here to see tone and his T.A

  10. Thank you for answering my question about decentralized exchanges. Im only concerned about this for taking profits at “bubble” tops so I could then buy bitcoin at lower prices again not for shitcoins. I do trade crypto pairs occasionally to acquire more bitcoin so maybe another use case potentially. I dont mind paying slightly higher fee’s to circumvent centralized exchanges

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