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  1. hi tony welcome back love missed you. SRK has started the staking program, cant wait to see what happens. also could you explain the SPARKPLAY program they have coming up, is it a bit like engine and abyss for gaming ?? xx

  2. So apparently Bitcoin SV is the real Bitcoin and Craig Wright is Satoshi. Lite Coin is the right coin and Ethereum is all Rainbows and Unicorns. Boom-Shakalaka is Crypto Love and Nicolas is Datadash. Dan is our hippie from The Chart Guys and knows more than Tone Vays, BUT Tone Vays knows too much because of his connections in Wall Street. Leah Wald is more beautiful than anyone else on planet earth and Jimmy Song needs a new cowboy hat. Stellar XLM is better than XRP because of IBM and CARDANO ADA or even EOS will never catch up to the Ethereum Alliance partnerships. TRX TRON will be big in China and dominate the multimedia market, from gaming to music. Tether is the biggest scam and will create the biggest problem in future, but it was planned like this to kill Bitcoin BTC because they want us all REKT. Moral of this story buy and store clean drinking water instead, because you're not going to have enough of that precious stuff in the future.

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