Are you thinking of trading or investing in Ripple? Watch this video to learn some valuable info on the crypto: What is Ripple? Why is Ripple special? How does it work? How is it similar to and different from Bitcoin? The pros and cons of investing in Ripple (XRP). What are they? Trading CFDs on Ripple: how it works? Why […]

Ethereum Market Report: $ETH Down -25.45% on the Month

Ethereum Market Report: $ETH Down -25.45% on the Month Bitcoin $BTC is down 5.18% on the week and up 6.23% on the month. $ETH has a better weekly performance but is down substantially on the month. Ethereum is down -2.59% in 24 hours, up 0.89% on the week and down -25.45% on the month on a last price of $454.35. […]

Get Yer Fack on BTC – 8200?! – Bitcoin Live Trading!

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